Astronomy in Chile has developed in the Norte Grande and Chico areas, mainly in the Atacama Desert, considered the best place on Earth to observe the sky and develop this science. Due to its climatic and geographical conditions, such as low humidity, high peaks and plains, as well as low light and radio pollution. This combination of factors generates the highest number of clear nights per year on the planet.








Andean Astronomical Observatory

Located only 25 kilometers from Santiago, the Andean Astronomical Observatory has prepared everything to make your visit a unique and unforgettable experience. That is why our tour is part of an idea, developed in a multimedia presentation followed by the observation of different celestial bodies with the naked eye, binoculars and various telescopes. The main idea is that you acquire a sense of the distances in the universe and our location and proportion as human beings. The OAA has comfortable outdoor facilities that allow interaction between our visitors. Built and furnished in a rustic environment, astronomical science and observation of the universe takes place in an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy that combines perfectly. An open air bar and lounge are meeting points and relaxation in the midst of the programmed activities. The OAA has prepared everything so that your visit will be a complete experience; for this purpose, the tour is framed within a thematic idea, which is developed in an audiovisual presentation as well as in the observation. This is how a journey from planet Earth to the confines of the universe is made to understand the distances in the cosmos and the infinity of wonders we have in our sky. The tour concludes with an astronomical photography session, of some of the observed objects, which is taken as a souvenir. We also have a snack service that incorporates an open bar, and it is a moment to talk about what we have observed and all the astronomical questions that the visitor wishes to ask, since we have highly trained personnel in astronomy, astronautics and astrophotography.

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