Congress Rapa Nui Guides

We had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Congress of Tourist Guides held in Rapa Nui. This magical island where we were received with the cordiality of our fellow Tourist Guides, who organized visits to the places of greatest tourist interest. It was a wonderful experience, touring unique places in the world. Being there, we realized why Rapa Nui is one of the most important tourist destinations in Chile and the world.


Words of Welcome

The local guides organized a complete program on the island, including the main tourist attractions, such as: Orongo – Rano Raraku – Rano Kau – Anakena – Museum.



It is a ceremonial village located next to the Rano Kay volcano, 4 km from Hanga Roa, where the bird man or Tangata Manu was worshipped.


Rano Kau:

Also known as Rano Kao, it is the largest volcano and one of the most beautiful and impressive natural sceneries that can be admired in Easter Island. The feeling of immensity and silence, only interrupted by the wind, the distant sound of the waves and the occasional squawk of seabirds, makes Rano Kau one of the favorite and unmissable places for visitors.


Rano Raraku:

It is one of the most incredible and extraordinary archaeological sites on the planet. In this magical and mysterious place, the moai, the giant statues that have made Easter Island world famous, were made. 


Anakena beach:

The main and most beautiful beach of Easter Island is considered the cradle of the history and culture of Rapa Nui, since according to legend, it was here that the first king Hotu Matu’a disembarked.


Music and Dancing:

Most of the Rapa Nui music as well as the dances currently found in Easter Island have a Polynesian origin. The ancestral dances have been lost or merged, although it is still possible to find native music rooted in orally transmitted legends, which are songs and dances dedicated to the gods, warrior spirits, rain or love.


The painting of bodies, one of the ancestral traditions.


The whole group of guides at Ahu Tongariki. Many thanks to the organizers for this wonderful experience.

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