Easter Island

Easter Island, called Rapa Nui or “Te pito o te henua” by its inhabitants, is the most remote and isolated island in the world. Its unique culture is comparable to the great megalithic cultures such as the Egyptians, the Incas and the Mayas. Myth and reality merge in this territory that gave birth to an extraordinary people that turns Rapa Nui into an invaluable archaeological treasure that extends the cultural frontiers of Chile towards the Pacific.

The town of Hanga Roa concentrates 90% of the island’s population. It has all the basic services, restaurants, pubs, craft stores, art galleries, Internet, supermarkets, discotheques, car rentals, etc. The main road is Atamu Tekena Avenue, which is the heart of the town. In 1998, the avenue was renamed after the local hero Atamu Te Kena. The original name was Policarpo Toro, a Chilean sailor who annexed the island to Chile in 1888.


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