South, Patagonia & Antarctica

The south of Chile is famous for its spectacular landscapes of crystal clear blue lakes, its snow-capped volcanoes, its ancient native forests, its spas, the richness of its folklore, its handicrafts and its legends.


Lakes Region

There are 12 large lakes and many smaller ones, including rivers, waterfalls, native forests, thermal baths and the Andes Mountains, including six volcanoes, the highest of which is the Villarrica at 2,847 m (8,847 ft).



Another must-see is Chiloé Island, 178 kms. long and 50 kms. wide, the largest island in Chile. Its limits are the Piuchén mountain to the west, covered by glaciers from the Quaternary era, with the Capitán Maldonado mountain standing 819 meters high. Separated from the mainland by the Chacao Channel, the island concentrates most of its population in the cities of Ancud and Castro.


La Patagonia

It is one of the most famous areas of Chile, which offers the most incredible landscapes you can expect from the southern tip of the American continent, where there is an explosion of islands, glaciers, icebergs and mountains, it is truly a masterpiece of nature.


Las Torres del Paine

They are giants of monolithic rock formed by the force of ice glaciers. Torres del Paine National Park was created in 1959 and is located 120 kilometers northwest of Puerto Natales. Within its 2,420 square kilometers are some of the most beautiful landscapes in Chile. This park was declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1978. The best time to visit Torres del Paine Park is from December to March. The weather in the park is very unpredictable and can change suddenly, varying from a sunny day to a sky covered with clouds.


Chilean Antarctica

With an area of 1,250,000 square kilometers, it is the last frontier of the American continent, with more than 30 million cubic meters of ice. This majestic frozen continent is characterized by its eternal nights in winter and days in summer when the sun does not set, giving the ice amazing reddish tones. This is when the local fauna renews its life cycle and prepares for another winter season.


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