Chile, due to its extensive and varied geography, allows the practice of all kinds of sports, especially those that are developed outdoors, has excellent infrastructure, national parks and high-level sports centers. Its national parks with excellent trekking routes, its rushing rivers for rafting, as well as those suitable for fly fishing. Chile also has excellent golf courses throughout the country and the first public golf club in the city of Santiago.



Golf in Chile began in the second half of the 19th century, when a group of Englishmen living in the country founded the Playa Ancha Golf Club in Valparaíso and later the Granadillas Golf Club in Viña del Mar. Different clubs multiplied rapidly all over the country, from the elegant Club Los Leones and the Prince of Wales Country Club, both in Santiago, to the Club de Golf de Magallanes in Punta Arenas, which is the southernmost club in the world. There are currently 58 golf courses in Chile, all of them private. But today and since 2005, we have the first public golf course in Santiago, called Mapocho Golf Club. It is a tournament course, very well located, only 5 minutes away from the International Airport of Santiago, very close to route 68 that goes to Valparaiso and 30 minutes away from the center of the capital.


Fly Fishing

Araucanía region. It has 1,885 rivers totaling 3,360 kilometers. The main bodies of water in this hydrographic basin are the Allipén River, the Pedregoso, the Toltén, the Curaco and the Villarrica Lake. The Toltén River rises in Lake Villarrica and flows 14.5 km south of Nueva Toltén with an extension of 250 kms. and runs through large areas, until it enters the Pacific Ocean. In many of its stretches sport fishing activities are carried out. It is navigable in its lower course, so fishermen descend in boats from the city of Pitrufquén.



One of the most exciting ways to explore the beauty of the Chilean Andes is by rafting down its rivers. In addition to its natural beauty and delicious wines, Chile is one of the most famous countries in the world for its mighty and spectacular rivers. Every year hundreds of people visit us to experience the adventure of rafting the rivers. The Maipo River is a great opportunity to live this experience, because of its proximity to Santiago it is very easy to access and its waters range from grade 3 in autumn-winter season, to grade 4 in spring and summer.


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